FESTIVAL / 27.02-5.03 ★★★



MAXIM DONDYUK: director, editor, director of photography , first camera
MYKOLA DONDYUK: Assistant Director, Second Camera
YURIY SAMSON: composer

The Crimea-Sich investigates realities of the Ukrainian children military training camp. We follow young defenders of the Motherland in combat, during a forced march drill and throughout target shooting exercise to get a clear perception of what they perceive here under patriotism, why would one need military training in peace-time and to know who do the camp participants consider their imaginary enemy.


Maxim Dondyuk was born in 1983. He obtained a higher education in Management in the Kharkiv National University of Nutrition and Trade. He worked as a photojournalist since 2007, and has been doing documentary photo projects since 2010. In 2011, he underwent training at Noor-Nikon Masterclass in Documentary Photography in Bucharest. He received Grand Prix Award at the Circle of Life Contest held in the framework of Vilnius Photo Circle International Photo Festival (2011); the Award of Excellence in Multimedia category at POYi (2012); Grand Prix BD's Hope for a Healthy World Photo Competition to the "Best Global Health Story" (2012); Grand Prix in Photo Story of the Year at the Best Photographer Competition (2012). He is the runner-up for W. Eugene Smith Grant in Humanistic Photography (2013). Photo works by Dondyuk were exhibited in Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Lithuania, Great Britain, the U. S. A., Germany, Italy and other countries. He started his first attempts in documentary filmmaking in 2013.

Mykola Dondyuk was born in 1987. He graduated from the Crimean Agrotechnological University majoring in Finance Management. He has been working at TV since 2010. He developed interest in documentary filmmaking and made first steps as a cameraman in that domain in 2012. His further plans are to give a shot as documentary film director.