FESTIVAL / 27.02-5.03 ★★★


Festival Goals

The AIFF strives to introduce to the Ukrainian audience to American directed narrative and documentary feature films which were created with a truly independent spirit.

Independent films are projects written and directed by filmmakers in a grass-roots fashion.  They also encompass  films produced by the independent label divisions of major Hollywood studios.

Most films selected for the AIFF may not have the opportunity to be distributed or screened in Ukraine otherwise.  We are proud to bring these films to you.

In bringing our film selection we hope to fulfill the following goals of AIFF:

  • Introduce exciting, new and thought provoking work of independent American filmmakers to a Ukrainian audience.
  • Complement film screenings with panel discussions on topics featured in the films, ranging from social issues to the creative aspects of filmmaking. 
  • Encourage the development of a vibrant and prosperous Ukrainian film industry by offering informational seminars and hands-on workshops to industry professionals and students.
  • Create opportunities for US-Ukrainian cooperation in film by providing a venue for attracting American film industry professionals to Ukraine.
  • Provide support for Ukrainian film distributors and exhibitors in acquiring a wide variety of quality independent American films for the Ukrainian audiences.
  • Promote cultural exchange between Ukraine and the United States and help to strengthen the bonds between Ukrainian and American people.