FESTIVAL / 27.02-5.03 ★★★


Indie Lab. Shorts

10 short documentaries created by the young Ukrainian filmmakers on Indie Lab 2018

While Serhiy was at war, his wife Nadiya was taking care of their three sons alone. Father’s “war” adds courage, but also poisons the family. The Kherson activists have created a cultural center, but officials attempt to privatize the building. Once a month drafted soldiers may leave the unit where they serve. Hlib spends this day with her girlfriend who forms the development of their relationships. Zoya and Andriy travel and make videos for their parents who live in countryside. In Zhytomyr region a farmer Oleksandr starts a new life and founds a goat farm. What do these people dream about, and what do they lack to make their dreams come true?

You can find out answers to this and other questions in short documentaries that were created by the young Ukrainian filmmakers with the support from Indie Lab.