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Lecture: American independents as a core for Hollywood: from Griffith to Jarmusch

from Griffith to Jarmusch 2018


04.03, 15:00

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The history of American film is an endless struggle between major monopolists and independent filmmakers. Two poles: the industrial and the auteur – in the course of the whole century they fulfill one another. This lecture is dedicated to independents, those who opposed and keep opposing Hollywood in everything: they say “no” if everyone says “yes”, they call white black, and they throw stones in water, hoping it will float. This kind of behavior is synonymous with independent.

This is a story about filmmakers who have disturbed and keep disturbing the classic matrix, they change the very grammar of cinema: Griffith, Keaton, Welles, Cassavetes, Scorsese, Demmi, Jarmusch, Soderbergh, Tarantino… After them and next to them (even if one denies or ignores their innovations) it’s impossible to film the way the films were make before them. The independents that preserved their independence and the big studio masters who started as independents. Those who were, and still are, followed.