The screening of Indie Lab Best Films from 2013-19
The screening of Indie Lab Best Films from 2013-19
The team of Indie Lab is excited to share its achievements for 7 years of the laboratory existence: you will get an opportunity to watch the films representing various stages of the laboratory and individual artists progress, as well as meeting the artists. We'll dive into the life of Askania Nova Biosphere Reserve to see how wild nature co-exist with humans. A Slavutych organ player will take us on a journey to her dream, and an 18-year-old boy from Donetsk will make us witnesses of pro-Russian movement in 2014. We will try to understand aesthetics and motivation behind the reconstruction of Cosmonauts Avenue in Vinnytsia, and we'll try living a life of a non-heterosexual woman during the times of the USSR. Together with a young political journalist in Kyiv we'll stumble upon the crossroads of the worlds: political rallies, parties, and arts. And we will travel to Uzhhorod to start a pirate radio station.

In the fields (2013)
Director: Andrii Lytvynenko

The film is about the Askania Nova natural reserve and about people who love the place and give their lives trying to care for wild nature. Counterintuitively enough, these people, united by a common idea of securing the well-being of Askania Nova, find it impossible to agree among themselves. Our hero, Nikolai Khlebniuk, was fired from his job at the reserve 20 years ago and now lives in a dilapidated hut in Askania; in spite of that, he has no plans to move elsewhere anytime soon. Our film is about the secret that keeps Nikolai inthis place for decades.

The return (2015)
Director: Dmytro Medvedenko

On 18 May 1944, the Soviet Government uprooted the small nationalities of the Crimea stripping them of their motherland. That wound on the body of the Crimean Tartars lingered unhealed for 70 years. Those were 70 years of horrendous memories of deportation and numerous victims of Stalin's totalitarian regime. For the Crimean Tartars and other forcefully displaced nationalities, it was a 70 year-long dream of coming back home to lead a life in peace and quiet. On 18 May 2014, exactly 70 years after the deportation day, the military takeover of the Crimea by Putin's army Special Forces expelled again the Crimean Tartars from their land, subjected them to new torments and deprived of their voice. The history and all its atrocities repeats itself over and over again, indeed.

Volodya, hero of the revolution (2015)
Director: Petro Armianovsky

Following the annexation of the Crimea, in March 2014 Donetsk became engulfed in pro-Russian rallies. Several dozens were on constant vigil at the monument to Lenin on the central square of the town to oppose Kyiv fascists, EU sodomy and US nuclear waste and in favour of bringing in Russian troops in Donbass. Among the protesters is Volodya, an 18 year-old, who dreams of travels and song-singing. His idols are Canadian pop star Justin Bieber and Roma Zholud from Russia. How it happened the boy believed in propaganda and went to storm the Oblast State Administration office?

The wonderful years (2018)
Director: Svitlana Shymko

The research film "The Wonderful Years" explores the lives of queer women in Ukraine in the late Soviet Union. It is based on the archive video materials and interviews excerpts from the research projects on LGBT history.

A Strong Beat (2018)
Director: Oleksandr Portian

For Yulia Landau from Slavutych the organ means outer space one could travel eternally. To follow this path, she is ready to travel to Kyiv for studies in the music school and rehearse in the Catholic church at night before her solo concert. Thanks to Yulia, there is an organ in Slavutych as well. But not everyone is prepared for this kind of music.

Decorations (2018)
Director: Vitaiy Yankovy

Decorations is an attempt to understand aesthetics and motivation behind the 2016 reconstruction of the Cosmonauts Avenue in Vinnytsia. The decorations installed by the municipal authorities in the urban space are compared to body adornment and jewelry that people use in their everyday life.

Fomo (2019)
Director: Vlad Krasinskiy

A young journalist shoots Instagram stories during significant events. In the daytime he shoots political events, at night – bars and parties. He has to determine where he stands.

The only one eden (2019)
Director: Anton Ryzhych

The story of Alexei Umansky, who decided to start his own radio station. The film shows all stages of the station's creation, from writing a social media post to intentions and celebrating the first anniversary of the existence of Radio Eden.