Sharon Rowen combines 37 years as a lawyer and 20 years as a filmmaker to bring to life the story of women lawyers in America. In her groundbreaking film, Balancing the Scales, Sharon interviews five generations of women lawyers, including Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and well known civil rights activist Gloria Allred, on the challenges faced by women lawyers in the United States today. The film was shown nationwide on U.S. public television stations in 2017. Sharon has screened the film and talked about gender equality in the legal profession to some of the world's largest firms and
corporations as well as national bar associations and national women's organizations, including the ABA/Harvard Summit on Retaining Women in the Profession and the National Association of Women Lawyers. Ms. Rowen's received her BA from Emory University and her JD from Columbia Southern
College of Law. She is a founding partner of the law firm of Rowen & Klonoski, and of the film production company, R&K Productions, both based in Atlanta.
Creating Balancing the Scales combined 35 years of experience as a trial lawyer and 20 years of interviewing women lawyers from all walks of life. Interviewees include a US Supreme Court justice, civil rights activists, the first women who made it to the top, and young associates who do not yet believe that making partner has odds not much better than winning the lottery. My belief in the law as a tool for social change began when I passed the bar in 1979, and my passion for gender equality started shortly thereafter when a judge ruled against me solely because he didn't believe that women should practice law. I have committed my legal career to social justice and to the belief that we all should use our time to further human rights in whatever ways we can. I hope this film will ignite a national conversation about topics like breaking the glass ceiling, why our society does not think of women as leaders, and the impossible choices men and women are forced to make between their career and their caregiving responsibilities.