Talk: Ukrainian cinema overseas. Cinematic discoveries in the US.
Lecturer: Oleksandr Debych, an independent film producer

Oleksandr Debych is an independent film producer and researcher of the Ukrainian diaspora cinema. He studied Linguistics at the National Technical University of Ukraine "Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" and Film Producing at the Wajda School in Warsaw, Poland. He is organizing and presenting the Ukrainian film programs at the festivals abroad.
While researching at the Ukrainian Museum-Archives in Cleveland, Ohio, during his Fulbright program from 2017-18, Oleksandr has stumbled upon the unique collection of rare posters for films made by Ukrainian emigrants. He decided to proceed and try to find the films as well. Approximately 100 narrative and documentary films were located in private collections: excerpts from them will be presented during the talk on the activity of the Ukrainian directors in the US.

The talk will be followed by the screening of The Helm of Destiny (1982, 58') by Slavko Nowytski.