USA / 2013 / 92'
Director: Tim Skousen
USA / 2013 / 92'
Director: Tim Skousen

2011 Arlington International Film Festival – Best of Festival
2011 Silver Heart Award: Dallas International Film Festival
2011 Best Documentary: BET UrbanWorld, Breckenridge, Las Vegas, Ojai,
Bronx 2011 International and Metropolitan Film Festivals
2011 Audience Award and Special Jury Prize: Anthem Film Festival
2011 Award of Excellence: The Indie
2011 Best Cinematography: Los Angeles Reel Film Festival

Zero Percent takes the audience inside Hudson Link for Higher
Education in Prison's college program inside Sing Sing Maximum
Security Prison. From the outset of the film, we learn that Hudson
Link sponsored students are men who have come to appreciate the full
impact of their life-altering crimes, on others and themselves. And
while it may be years before they see life outside the prison walls,
we see first-hand their insight that their only hope for a redemptive,
productive life is through the dedication they have shown in
transforming their lives. The driving force behind Hudson Link's
creation and success is the men who were once incarcerated themselves; men who experienced first-hand the impact that mental and emotional rehabilitation can have on their lives, their families and their
communities. The film's title, Zero Percent, refers to the fact that not one of Hudson Link's graduates has been re-incarcerated for a new
crime once released. Given the national recidivism rate of over 60%,
Zero Percent provides real-life evidence of the far-reaching, positive
effects of the Hudson Link Program.