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Kyiv: Kino42 9.09 / 20:00

A screening of short documentaries from the Indie Lab 2021 The Film Production Lab for Young Artists.

  • The Earth is Spinning20 mLena Kyrychenko

    In the spring of 2020, Ukraine announced the quarantine. I have come home only for holidays in recent years, but now I have stayed here for real. In my imagination, the house has always been the same as in my childhood. But the memories faded into the past when I faced the harsh reality.

  • A performance artist or a provocateur who deserves punishment? Monument desecration or an artistic action? An attempt to find answers to these questions by observing the life of the film’s main character during his trial.

  • The Trap20 mLiza Pirozhkova

    After going to her grandparents for quarantine, a young camerawoman actively tries to capture the new reality. Nature, acquaintance with the scientists of the Pyriatyn National Park and the mysterious life of animals capture her attention. Hours of footage and a great desire to help turn into an obsessive idea to make a film about the national park.

  • My Petro15 mOlha Symonenko

    Olha, a family history researcher, guides us along the fate paths of Petro Hrytsiv, a Ukrainian national liberation movement member. What exactly is family history research - an attempt to answer one's existential questions or to build a connection with past generations and get support from them? What answers about a person's life can be given by the details of their death?

  • Books VS Asfalt15 mTetiana Hanzha

    Second-hand booksellers Valentyn, Heorhiy, Nadiya, Arystarkh, and Oleksandr have been selling books on Pochaina Street for many years. Each specialized in selling books on mathematics, philosophy, history, world literature, or technical literature. Suddenly, the booksellers are informed that the market land has been resold - in a year, the shopping mall construction will start here, and instead of the largest second-hand book market in Ukraine, there will be a parking lot. Can books stand up to asphalt?