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Kyiv: Zhovten 9.09 / 12:10Kyiv: Kino42 14.09 / 20:00

A screening of short documentaries from the Indie Lab 2022, The Film Production Lab for Young Artists.

  • Say Cześć 17 mDirector: Nata Onysh and Veronika Shuster

    Due to the war with Russia, 12-year-old Misha is uprooted from his home city of Kyiv and forced to flee to a small Polish town. Struggling to adjust to his new reality and desperate to hold on to the memories of his past life, Misha clings to his phone as a lifeline to his friends and the adventures they left behind.

  • My Dad is a Lightning Researcher21 mDirector: Shostak Iryna

    The film is a documentary film reflection. A daughter attempts to decipher and memorize the 'universe of her dad' a lightning researcher, whom, as it turned out after his death, she never fully got to know. Neither him nor his lasting legacy. This is her attempt to think about how long our memory lasts about the people who meant something to us, who did something and created something next to us. The film attempts to fix the fleeing clues of memory in time to keep it longer. And, of course, it is her attempt to remember everything or at least something he was for her.

  • War2422 mDirector: Peresunko Tetiana and Shyshko Dmytro

    The film is the authors’ reflection on human choices during the war. The heroes travel from Kyiv to Kharkiv and from Kharkiv to Kryvyi Rih, where they will eventually have to choose what is more important during the war - escaping alone or staying together despite the danger and threat to life.

  • The blue bird. Poet. Musician. Director.28 mDirector: Tymoshenko Serhii

    The film invites the viewers on a journey with three talented friends trying to unlock their talent potential – to find the Blue Bird. The bird takes them to new worlds and leaves the director alone with the pre-war chronicles of the life of hawthorn and the Nalbuphine opioid analgesic lovers.

  • We20 mDirector: Brama Sashko

    We is an autobiographical film essay by Sashko Brama, a theatre director who finds himself in an impossible situation where the COVID-19 pandemic disrupts his work. He takes a video camera to make a documentary film and plunges into the maelstrom of the pandemic events: the work of hospitals and volunteers, illegal raves, anti-COVID rallies, and the everyday life of a COVID ambulance crew and vaccination points. While filming in the coronavirus unit, he gets sick and suffers a severe form of the disease. This negatively affects his physical and mental state to the extent that he cannot comprehend the footage and put the film together. One crisis gives way to another: Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine begins. He continues filming: from the border with Poland, through which Ukrainians are fleeing en masse, to the epicentre of hostilities at the front line in the country's East. He aims to find his place in the reality of crisis and instability, and the camera helps him in this quest. This way, he can look at the world through the screen and watch life like a movie. The film WE is one person's journey in times of global changes. A video camera helps the author navigate the stories of people who form the panorama of society in times of crises and upheavals that have irrevocably changed us.