USA / 1987 / 94’Narrative film
Directed by Joel CoenProduced by Ethan CoenWith Nicolas Cage, Holly Hunter

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Kyiv: Zhovten 10.05 / 20:25Lviv: Planeta kino Forum cinema 12.05 / 19:00

Not a blockbuster at the time of its release, it has since achieved the status of a cult film. Typical Coen Brothers fare, the movie is replete with symbolism, visual gags, yodeling folk music, unconventional characters, flamboyant camera work, pathos and idiosyncratic dialogue.

H.I. was a robber, Ed worked in the police. Then they got married. The only thing this extraordinary couple lacked for their happiness was children. To have offspring, they decide to steal a baby from a large family, hoping the parents won't notice the loss. But it seems they will soon regret their decision.


Best comedy about kidnapping ever made

Miami Herald

Raising Arizona is a prize package and a bundle of joy, one that puts a fresh, funny face on the American comedy movie

Washington Post